For nearly thirty years

One of the largest independent booksellers around

For nearly thirty years, Premiere Book Group has been one of the largest independent booksellers around—with a suite of modern solutions to seamlessly market and sell your titles across a range of B2B and B2C channels.

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At Premiere Book Group, our primary focus is finding strategic ways to increase your sales.

With data-driven marketing techniques tailored to the eCommerce experience and our constant search for new innovations that will put your titles on top of the bestseller list—our history of success speaks for itself.

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Bringing innovative bookselling ideas to life that increase the overall size of the bookselling pie, rather than just our slice.

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Our dedicated Warehouse Team carefully and meticulously preps each and every package that ships out to our customers.

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Our History

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Premiere 2003

Premiere Book Group was originally incorporated as Premiere Marketing, Inc in 2003. It began as an ancillary business to Premiere Speakers Bureau to help their clients sell books and conduct book signings at major speaking engagements.

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Premiere 2005

In 2005, Premiere Marketing started doing regional and national ground book tours, making use of the fleet of luxury coach rentals provided by another sister company, Premiere Transportation.

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Premiere 2006

In 2006, was launched and quickly grew into America’s largest autographed bookstore.

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Premiere 2015

In 2015, was launched to formalize Premiere's burgeoning bulk order business. That same year, was launched to complement the ground book tours (which were becoming less desirable/efficient thanks to the rise of eCommerce), ushering in a new era of online author events. Over the coming years, Premiere iteratively enhanced and built the Premiere Collectibles,, and LiveSigning channels into market-leading platforms, experiencing 50%+ overall growth annually since 2015.

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Premiere 2018

In 2018, Premiere completed its final ground bus tour, marking the end of the large-scale ground bus tour era. This paved the way for improving the company’s virtual live signing platform that took over the book tour experience.

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Premiere 2020

In 2020, Premiere entered into a new period of bookselling innovation, launching five new platforms and software including (virtual ticketed events), (unsigned book projects, including individual pre-order incentive campaigns), a bulk pre-order incentive campaign platform on, and two new software products currently in beta mode.

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Premiere 2021

In addition to launching new platforms, Premiere has been investing significantly in its operational infrastructure and team, including the addition in early 2021 of automated packaging equipment to significantly increase the daily capacity of its fulfillment center. Premiere’s team continues to build and incubate new platforms and channels to help authors maximize their book sales in new and unique ways.

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