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The Digital Sales Experience For Online Book Retail

With interconnected solutions, you can enjoy a streamlined suite of bookselling services that simplifies everything from promotion to fulfillment. Our data-driven techniques have proven success in boosting book sales over the past 30 years.

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Premiere's B2B Bulk Book Sales Campaigns & Services

Bulk Books

Need to save on book copies? Take advantage of our direct eCommerce channel for clients/partners to purchase copies of their book in bulk at the best discount rates.

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Bulk Pre-Order Incentive Campaigns

Create buzz for a new release with pre-order incentive campaigns and effortless bulk address collection. Our professionally produced virtual events rival in-person author tours and even include a free copy of the book with each ticket purchase!

Individual Pre-Order Incentive Campaigns

Boost sales before your book even hit the shelves with a custom pre-order incentive campaign! You control where to drive sales and what incentives to send; we’ll take care of order fulfillment and validation.

Premiere Fulfillment

Need to send out your books en masse? Whether you need to ship books to a thousand addresses or even ten thousand, Premiere Fulfillment has you covered with effortless mailing and fulfillment solutions.

White label bulk bookstores affiliate program

eCommerce bookstores that are custom branded for speakers bureaus and other organizations to sell books in bulk to their clients.

Premiere's B2C Individual Book Sales Campaigns

Live Signing

Bring the book signings to your audience with a live-streamed online book signing backed by a sizable ad campaign. The best part: it comes at no cost to the author or publisher!

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Virtual Ticketed Events

Our professionally produced virtual events reflect the quality and excitement you’ll find in a well-known author’s physical auditorium or arena tour. Plus, each ticket includes a copy of the book that we’ll send directly to the attendee.

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Gift Certificate Campaigns

Add a special touch to your sales with a gift certificate campaign. Perfect for pre-orders, this option allows fans to print off a custom gift certificate to give to the recipient while they wait for the book to arrive.

Premiere Collectibles

Effortlessly get signed copies into your customers’ hands through America’s largest autographed bookstore. We support more than 1 million customers with exclusively signed offers on new releases.

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Looking for your next bestseller? Premiere Book Group offers the best in class sales reporting and analytics.We are booksellers focused on creating services to drive new sales for publishers, agencies and literary companies.

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